Lewis and Clark Bridge, Ohio River East End Crossing

Louisville, Kentucky

In collaboration with the design-build team that includes Walsh Construction, Jacobs Engineering, IBT Engineers, and Vinci Grands Project, Donald MacDonald Architects provided architectural design services for the East End Crossing between Utica, Indiana, and Prospect, Kentucky. The approximately 5.5-mile overall project includes an extensive weaving of greenways and interchanges within Indiana and Kentucky, a 1700-foot tunnel under a nationally-registered historic property, numerous approach structures, and secondary bridges, and an extensive bicycle and pedestrian path. The main focus of the East End Crossing is the cable-stayed bridge, featuring two convex diamond-shaped towers, a 1200-foot main span, and two 540-foot back spans stretching across the beautiful Ohio River. The project reached substantial completion in December 2016.

Client – IFA/INDOT
Timeline – 2005-2016
Bridge Engineer – Jacobs Engineering, IBT Systra, Walsh
Overall Length – 2,500′
Type – Cable Stayed Bridge
Main Span – 1,200′
Spans – 13
Deck Width – 125′
Tower Height – 300′
Cost – $339.3M

The East End Crossing project area included a myriad of historic sites that drove the need for extensive tunneling in certain areas and adherence to specific routes for both the roadways and pedestrian paths. As a result, the design process for the project included multiple presentations to the various historic preservation groups in both Kentucky and Indiana, a process led by Donald MacDonald Architects and the design team. The presentations helped to satisfy stakeholder concerns about the project and demonstrated design solutions that adhered to the Historic Preservation Plans of the various communities within the project area.